Hair Extensions

Are you ready to become a Modern Mermaid?

Below you will find a description of the different hair extension packages we offer. Each customized package is based off of how many rows your hair extensions specialist recommends to achieve your desire look.

Each custom BeachWashed Hair Extension Package Includes:

Once you have submitted an application, our team will contact you to set up a 1-on-1 phone consultation.

The application before hand allows our team to have the general information we need to give you accurate pricing for what you are dreaming of with your hair as well as your hair history.

During your phone consultation is the time to have all your additional questions answered and your stylist to gather any additional information they may need.

At the end of your consultation is when the exciting part happens - booking!
Based off of your schedule, our team will give you availability. At the time of booking a $650 non-refundable retainer is required to lock in your appointment at Wheeler Davis Salon.

*Appointments with non refundable retainers may be rescheduled but are not eligible to refund once booked.

You know you want Luxury Designer Hair, now the question is how many rows of Hair Extensions do you need?

1 Row
Your hair is already ideal but you want an extra oomph?
Whether your hair is shoulder length, mid or mermaid length
ONE row will add that extra fullness you are looking for

2 Rows
Our most requested package!
TWO rows is ideal for babes looking to add both fullness & our signature length

3 Rows
This package is for those looking for a complete & total transformation!
From a shorter length to a mega BeachWashed Mermaid Babe, this is for you
THREE rows is also ideal for anyone with denser hair

1 Row $1,400 1 Row $1,800 1 Row $610
2 Rows $2,000 2 Rows $2,550 2 Rows $750
3 Rows $2,550 3 Rows $3,550 3 Rows $850

What to expect during your first install?

What to expect during your re-install?