At Wheeler Davis Salon, we subscribe to a high code of conduct. We vow to serve our customers with professionalism and respect. 

Our store policies are set in place to maintain the professionalism of our environment and to ensure a quality experience for all in the salon. 

What do we expect from our customers in return? We ask that you you review our policies before arriving at your hair appointment. 

Service adjustments:

Adjustments to any service will qualify only if there is an inconsistency in quality. ex: blotches, bleeds, missed grey coverage, etc. If you are unsatisfied with your application, you may qualify to get an adjustment with the stylist that performed your original service. We do not give refunds, therefore if you see an inconsistency with your hair please make your stylist aware before the end of your session. At Wheeler Davis Salon we will not compromise the integrity of the hair to get any result, or if your hair is not capable of being altered. We don't guarantee results, we charge based on our expertise, materials, and our time.

Client behavior:

We ask that all clients speak respectfully to all our professionals. Abusive speech, outbursts, or causing a spectacle in the salon is unacceptable. Any client that violates this rule will not be welcomed back to the salon for any reason. If there are any reasons for complaints, management will be happy to address concerns of the dissatisfied customer.


Out of respect for others, please consider arranging outside childcare for the date of your hair appointment. Crying, playing, and noisy video games may disturb others ability to relax and enjoy their luxury experience. 

Children receiving haircut services are welcome- however must be accompanied by a parent for the entire duration of the service. 

Teenagers receiving services must be accompanied by a parent during the consultation and price quote.

Being on time:

As we are a business based on providing hourly services, please respect the time of others by showing up only 5-10 mins early and leaving promptly after the conclusion of your hair appointment. Lingering may distract your stylist from promptly servicing their next client. 

Every color appointment is scheduled for 3.5 hrs and priced  appropriately. If you choose to leave your appointment early for any reason, you are choosing to forfeit the remaining procedures in order to complete the service. No modifications to the prices will be made. Any future appointments will be priced as a entirely new service.